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 +====== Separator ======
 +{{https://​​-sazwh2b9VZU/​T3L9OGJqMBI/​AAAAAAAADl4/​mXz-UPxXKwM/​s128/​separator2.jpg }}
 +If your applications requires to separate different parts of GUI elements, you can use separator for this. AppInventor does not have this by default, so you have to work-a-round it. Here is how: To create a separator in your android app, just use simple [[ai:​component:​basic:​label|Label]] component. Set BackgroundColor to black (or whatever else that fits your theme), empty the text field, width- Fill parent, and Height- 1 pixel. And here you have a separator in your application.
 +{{tag>​appinventor ai tutorial}}
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