What i do

If you wish to know what I do for living- I’m working as SAP system analyst. I have to analyze business requirement for system, align requirements, prepare technical specification and modify client systems accordingly.

At my spare time I’m pilot of radio-controlled cars and planes, I’m hobbyist programmer and active cyclist.

Get tech-savvy with us here at Ignas

Greetings fellow tech lover and welcome to Ignas, a place where you can become a tech-savvy reader! Though we’ve only been around for six months, our talented team of writers have created incredible articles to help you stay updated in the world of programming and technologies.

For this, we are incredibly humbled by the positive reception we’ve had with our readers and would like to continuously give you the quality content you deserve! However, if we’re not properly programmed with the right mentality, this idea remains as a pipe dream.

On this page, we’d love to showcase what we program ourselves to give you only all the best tech-related content!


  • To give readers the latest news in the world of technology.
  • To share tech-related content that educates readers. 
  • To showcase discipline and self-control to be able to become a more efficient writer.


Become a leading technology blog that prides itself by helping millions of aspiring programming and technology aficionados.

Programming ourselves with the right mentality

To have the necessary mental fortitude and creativity needed for our blogs, we’ve prepared the following core values for our team to follow and for you to observe:


With us being part of the technology industry, we educate ourselves with all the latest developments in the world of both programming and technology. For us to be able to give out the best content, we have talented blog writers and programmers to ensure the correctness and good flow of our content. 


Here at Ignas, we believe that it’s everyone’s right to have informative blogs. That’s why it’s truly saddening to find non-English speaking readers and speakers struggling in understanding the work we’ve made. Fortunately, we’re working with the best translators money can buy to make our process more accessible. 

Once the English language version of many of these articles are released, it takes our translation teams 4 days to ensure that all that latest content is translated to a variety of international languages.


Within our workplace, each team member helps everyone to solve their problems. So in the event someone has to deal with a heavy workload, each member chimes in and gives usefully relevant information to solve the problem at hand and vice versa.


Do you love programming and technologies? If so, regardless of your culture, we’d love you to be a part of our team! After all, each one of us has unique perspectives that help us make brand-new ideas.


Since we’re a group of writers, it’s no question that there are groups of writers with opposing ideals. To ensure Ignas writes great content, we’ve made sure that our programmers are learning how to love and respect each other. After all, at the end of the day, respect and friendship is key for anything you have to practice.