20 things your website needs for better customer connection

As the internet continues to give us incredible opportunities, your business’s chances of succeeding increase by establishing a website. Since almost every market is now online, you’d want them to easily discover your brand. To do so, certain website functionalities must be given for their full appreciation. 

There’s a lot of these functionalities you need, so, fortunately, we at Ignas have them all prepared for you in this guide.


It’s an indisputable fact that first impressions last. Since your homepage is the one that greets your visitors, create an attractive and unforgettable impression! Below are some essential functionalities that your homepage should have:

Domain name 

Found in the navigation bar of a browser, a domain name is also known as the link of your site. This is an essential part of your homepage because it allows potential customers to find and locate your products and services.

As you start building your site, it’s key that you already have a domain name. Without one, you won’t be able to create a fully functional website. When creating a domain name, be sure it’s simple and memorable so people can remember and find your site. 

Should your chosen name already be taken, get creative and create a brand-new address that communicates your site goals and is distinct enough from the original domain name you initially wanted. Since a domain name is a brand, you’ll have to register a new domain name or purchase an unused domain name.

Brand name

As your company’s unique identifier, it’s critical to have your brand name featured on your homepage to let visitors know they’re on the right website. Also, avoid placing your brand name in unseen locations of the site. After all, you want the identification to be a simple process people will always remember.

Search bar

When going online, people already have goals they want to achieve through your site. To help your potential customers with their goals, add a simple search bar on your site’s various pages. Doing so assures client trust and retention, so be sure to have a search bar installed. 


In addition to your brand name, a logo is the greatest identifier of your company. This special symbol associate who you are and what you can offer, so be sure it’s easily identifiable to most individuals.

This is an important lesson to remember because visuals, rather than words, are more memorable to the human mind. So should someone forget your brand name, they’ll still be able to find you through your logo. 


In addition to a gorgeous logo, a way to make audiences remember your brand is through excellent copy. Through this special description, you’ll be able to communicate who you are and what you can offer in a manner that fits your goals. If you’re a smaller company, you must take importance in the creation of your description. This special description is ideally placed near your company’s name or logo.

Navigation bar

When having a navigation bar for your site, it’s best to place it on the site or top of the page for simple navigation of what all your offerings are.


Your site’s call-to-action, often known as the ‘CTA’, is a compelling message that pushes visitors to perform certain actions like subscribing or pre-ordering your offerings. When creating the message, be sure to include an exciting incentive, like free ebooks or bonus offerings to increase its persuasive abilities. 


As previously mentioned, images make lasting impressions on people. Due to this, your site should use images that symbolize what you do. These images are best used as either your website’s header or backdrop.

These vibrant graphics can also function as advertisements for your latest products or important service updates. Ensure they’re eye-catching for easy audience retention! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Internal Links

Having people see your homepage is not your site’s only goal. Rather, you need to optimize all your pages to drive people to other pages of the site. When doing the optimization process, ensure all pages have connecting internal links that redirect them to other similar pages. 

This is an essential part of the process since it encourages potential customers to take their time on your website and improve your chances of clients buying what you’re offering.


People also respond well to feedback from other people. Since these are opinions from others and not just your marketing team, people are more likely to purchase your offerings. After all, testimonials are usually more truthful than the hype companies usually sell. So for every satisfied client, ask them for a review of your offering!

Live chats

When there are questions and concerns, they need to be dealt with immediately. That’s why you must install a live chat people can easily visit. On various parts of your site, such as your FAQ, it’s best to have the encouragement of using the live chat. 

This is especially important when you’ve noticed individuals are already spending long hours on your site’s many pages.

Newsletter encouragement

Highly-valuable newsletter sign-up forms should be placed in important parts of your site. However, it’s key to have this on your site’s main page first. Traditionally, this sign-up form can come in the form of a pop-up to attract your clients to join. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to market this as a special and attractive bonus.

Also, these are best used when you find clients lingering over the ‘X’ button of your site. That as soon as they press the ‘X’, make sure your newsletter pop-up first to give them the chance to take action before leaving.

Inner Page Features

To become a beloved brand, ensure your audience has valuable information they can enjoy. For the best results, be sure to have the following site features on your site based on what you’re offering: 

Team and careers page

When having this on your site, it serves as a marketing tool. This is because this important page showcases the pool of talent you currently have and their backgrounds, and gives readers an idea of the type of individuals they’ll be working with should they decide to join your company. Also, this page offers the many responsibilities of each team member and gives a relatable face to each team member’s name. 


This is an essential part of any website! In addition to the live chatbox, this feature allows clients to immediately find answers to their questions without your live chat personnel reacting to the same queries again and again. 

Having this special article will give your visitors a self-sufficient feeling since they can find the answers to their worries by themselves.


Your potential clients love seeing the history of your organization. It’s known that people are drawn to stories, so be sure to highlight the many endeavours you and your team have been doing since your company started its operations. 

Feature Page

Whatever industry your business is in, know that you’re not the only one in this field. As a result, potential clients will find it difficult to find the best business to work with. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: adding a feature page.

By highlighting your company’s advantages and accomplishments, you’ll inspire people to choose your services rather than your competitors.

Important highlights to add are: 

  • Your firm’s number of awards
  • Systems you use and how they can help clients
  • Individual team member accomplishments
  • Internal team accomplishments.


When blogs were first being used in the early days of the internet, they were meant to showcase people’s thoughts and experiences. After a while, blogs have started to play a more prominent role in a company’s marketing strategy.

Since they’re now integral components of a company’s website, blogs are a great method to give valuable information to clients and drive traffic to your website. These blogs can cover anything—from personal ideas on current market trends to instructional guides for products and activities. 

Not a writer? Then consider starting a blog since it gives additional services that give exciting services that people always enjoy.

Blog search function

People appreciate the install convenience feature! So to keep your clients satisfied with your blog, it’s critical to add a search bar on every page of your website. Through this convenience, your clients will have a consolidated search mechanism that will save them the time to search through thousands of your older works.

Back-end features

Most of the earlier features mentioned above were customer-focused. So what happens on your end? To learn the answer, below are some important back-end features you need to have:

Site Analytics

As you’ve worked hard in writing that publication, it’s unfortunate to see if it’s not read. In order to avoid this, use a special tool for web analytics and learn about what your visitors enjoy reading and what material they enjoy.

SEO/Optimization Tool

This is one of the most essential parts of your site. With the SEO/Optimization tool’s ability to create relevant content that attracts visitors, you’ll be able to be one of the first results on various search engines.

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